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To the pub and beyond

The Thunderbolt was heaving for tonight’s Word of Mouth. For about 50% of the audience it was there first time, and what a treat they had.

Last minute guest Mr A started of proceedings with a slightly different take on Victorian feminine manners than normally reported. His manner and dress suited the style and manner of his reading. Mr A is a performer who we will be hearing more from.

Emma Newman read beautifully. Initially nervous, she warmed into the atmosphere of The Thunderbolt and read from her collection of short stories and the introduction to her teen novel “20 Years Later”. Her stories captivated the audience, the intensity, passion and detail were wonderfully portrayed in her voice. Her tales had a darker and more evil side to them than her public image. She is an active writer reading and promoting her work around the country, do catch her if she is reading near you.

Angie Belcher is a talented poet and comedian, living round the corner from the pub she was more at home here than most of our guests. Funny, crude and incredibly charming she wowed what was her home audience. Angie’s encore had the crowd whooping and cheering.

The Word of Mouth audience enjoyed the evening immensely and all the evening’s writers found new fans.