Trevor and Joel dark and comic combination

Word of Mouth at the Thunderbolt was a stunning night. An audience of 50 experienced an evening of dark, dangerous humour.

The evening started with Mr A. Reading tales from the diary of his departed aunty. The tale was polite and civilised but had a death count that any horror movie would be proud of.

Trevor Coombs introduced the evening putting the audience in their place. A story that accurately portrayed the role of the audience yet made you feel aware of your presence in the Thunderbolt in a strange and disturbing way.

Trevor’s writing works because he fuses his powerful, detailed observations with a mastery of English and a sense of rhythm and pace that drives the tale to a controlled yet surprising conclusion; a true joy for the audience.

Joel Kirby is a talented and incredible singer songwriter. His words and music capture the dark and tragic sides of human life underneath the smiles and happy sensations of existence. Joined in the second half by  John Stirling on bass it added a dimension to the music and performance. With John, Joel was more comfortable on stage and with rapport between them down to meaningful eye contact it was a great joy. Musically they did some wonderful tricks; on one song John took the lead with the bass while Joel kept rhythm.

The audience were spell bound throughout the evening from Mr A to Joel K, no one drew any z’s.

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